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Khloe Kardashian Suffers ‘Heartbreak Hair Loss’


Khloe Kardashian has revealed she suffered substantial hair loss in 2003 as she struggled to cope with the death of her father.

Speaking at the launch of a new beauty supplement endorsed by her sister Kim, who has also had her own stress-related hair loss issues, the youngest Kardashian sister explained why her hair is a sore spot for her:

Khloe Kardashian and Kim KardashianI’ve had a really hard time with my hair and growing it because I lost a lot of my hair when my father died“.

Heartbreak hair loss

It is not uncommon for those who suffer a sudden or extreme shock, such as a bereavement, to experience hair loss. The stress hormones released by ‘Broken Heart Syndrome‘, as experienced by Khloe, can shock the hair follicles into shutting down temporarily.

This can cause the condition Telogen Effluvium or Alopecia Areata, and can take up to three months after the initial trigger incident has occurred to become noticeable.

Signs of shock-related hair loss

Telogen Effluvium causes upwards of 30% of the hair follicles to shut down hair production, affecting the hair growth cycle, and causing shedding. This loss appears as general hair thinning with hair loss exceeding the normal hairfall levels of around 100 hairs per day.

Alopecia Areata can also be caused by trauma causing the hair to prematurely enter the resting phase, but it differs to Telogen Effluvium in that it displays as patchy hair loss rather than thinning hair. Once the hair does start to regrow in the affected areas, it can also come through white or a pale yellow colour.

Available treatments

Whilst both of these hair loss conditions are temporary and should correct themselves once the underlying stress and heartbreak is under control, it can be possible to help speed up hair production through treatment.

Treatment for Telogen Effluvium and Alopecia Areata treatments generally revolve around the pharmaceutical hair loss product minoxidil. Whilst only medically-proven for the treatment of pattern hair loss, this topical medication has also been shown to produce promising results in patients with both these temporary hair loss conditions.

Making the most of her hair

Khloe, 30, who now has long, lustrous hair of her own and has regularly sported hair extensions – which are known to cause hair damage and can lead to the hairloss condition Traction Alopecia – says that now her hair is longer, she likes to experiment with it.

I like trying new things with hair, it’s your hair so try it once and if you don’t like it you just change it back again, so I like to play with that. I really like doing a lot of braids, but I don’t know if I have such a high fashion hairstyle because I like to try a little bit of everything.

If you have concerns about shedding it is always best to seek professional hair loss advice from an expert as soon as possible. They can then help to assess your hair loss condition, recommend suitable treatments and work with you to restore your hair to its former glory.

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