Kelly Osbourne Blames Hair Loss on Hairdresser

Kelly Osbourne with fiance Luke Worrall, Recently Spoke About Her Hair Loss

Daughter of rock star Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne was recently featured in The Guardian talking about her hair loss. Kelly said her hair fell out because “the lady in the salon forgot about me”. After being left for an hour and forty-five minutes with a hair dye on, Kelly’s hair went orange and she was left with “a scab for a head…and I had bald patches”. She says she felt like she had been electrocuted and was left in tears.

Kelly’s most recent look is a platinum blond crop with dark roots. Kelly says her look is Madonna in ‘Like a Virgin’. But she also says she has promised Dad Ozzy that she will grow it long again and reveals that when she was younger, she had hair long enough to sit on and cutting it all off was the one thing that hurt him most.

Some experts say that drastically changing one’s image can be a sign of psychological stress; and it may be that Ozzy was concerned about Kelly’s well-being. Kelly is a renowned party-goer and has got a number of tattoos which she admits she got “to piss off my mum” and which she now thinks are “ugly”. So while cutting one’s hair short and dying it various colours might also be interpreted as a statement of independence, in Kelly’s case it seems she was going through typical adolescent growing pains.

Kelly’s hair loss was a temporary condition caused by a serious chemical burn to the scalp which destroyed the hair follicles. In such cases the hair may re-grow on its own, however sometimes a hair loss treatment programme can help the hair re-grow faster and stronger.

Kelly’s experience is not that common however using hair dye too often can often lead to thinning hair rather than baldness. Bleach and dye penetrate the hair follicles and alter the structure of hair which can cause thinning or breakage. The hair can re-grow if it is given a rest from styling. Again, some people may find the hair is weakened to such a point it no longer looks as healthy as before, in which case a hair loss treatment can boost the hair growth cycle.

If you are noticing thinning hair or have suffered hair loss, it is recommended you speak to a hair specialist to determine the exact cause and see if a treatment plan would help restore the hair. The Belgravia Centre has many years experience treating hair loss in women and offers a free consultation with a hair specialist. To book an appointment, please call 020 7730 6666 or message the clinic. If you are unable to visit the clinic, please complete the online diagnostic form and a treatment advisor will be in touch.

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