Ke$ha Hits The Worst Dressed Lists, And Her Extensions Aren't Helping

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Singer Ke$ha caused a Twitter storm last night when she turned up to the MTV Movie Awards in a 90's inspired outfit featuring see through trousers, a tasseled jacket and large black hat, which she accesorised with lots of jewellery and long blonde hair extensions.

The Tik Tok singer  has experimented a great deal with her hair in recent years, from Mohawks to metal studs and dirty blonde to peroxide white, and it's fair to say her locks have taken a bit of a beating.

If Ke$ha's love of the dye bottle has led to breakage and the subsequent problem of her hair appearing thinner, the star may have felt that extensions were the only option to make her hair appear thicker and healthier, but she may not know that extensions can cause a lot more trouble.

Tik Tok Towards Hair Loss

The reason why hair extensions can cause hair loss is down to the increased pressure that their weight puts on the hair follicle. Whilst clip in extensions probably cause more pressure on hair than permanent extensions when worn, hair at least gets a break for them when they're removed. If you're wearing hair extensions on a daily basis like Ke$ha seems to be, the sustained pressure can lead to a condition called traction alopecia.

This type of hair loss occurs when follicles become too damaged from the pressure of hair extensions, weaves or tight hair styles to continue growing new healthy hair. When this occurs, the offending extensions should be removed immediately to give hair a chance to recover.

However, sometimes follicles are too damaged to begin regrowing healthy hair by themselves, and at this point a tailored hair loss treatment programme may be needed to help hair follicles recover.

 90's Look, 2013 Attitude


is the only hair loss treatment for women that has been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA for its purpose, and has shown great results even though we're not entirely sure what mechanism allows it to work so well.

Minoxidil comes in a variety of strengths, and depending on the extent of your hair loss from traction alopecia, a hair loss specialist will able to recommend your ideal daily dose up from our range of minoxidil liquids and creams.

The Long Game

Our minoxidil formulations also contain added ingredients that appear to block DHT, a powerful naturally occurring androgen that attacks follicles on top of the scalp, causing them to shrink and produce weaker hair. For instance, our 12.5% minoxidil cream azelaic acid has yielded great results for women with advanced traction alopecia, providing that hair has not ceased to grow completely from the follicles that you want to treat.

Of course, minoxidil is only part of any hair loss treatment programme: regular check-ups and clinical treatments at our centres as well as the use of hair growth boosters like our nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics ensures that every angle to hair loss and hair health is tackled, creating a truly comprehensive service that even the most time-pressed stars like Ke$ha can benefit from if their hair requires it.

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