Katie Price’s Hair Extensions Hit Headlines Again

Katie Price Going BaldKatie Price's hair loss

has been the subject of media attention since April last year, but the glamour model  is again generating column inches for her use of hair extensions, and the resulting damage caused to her locks. This time, an interview with a “concerned friend” in Heat magazine claims that the former glamour model could be bald within ten years.

The reality TV star and author has been photographed in the past with distinct bald patches underneath her signature hair extensions. The damage caused has even led Price (formerly known as Jordan) to seek £30,000 compensation from a salon she blamed for causing damage to her hair.

What Price for long, thick hair?

In April this year, it seemed as though Katie Price had finally grasped the severity of the problems caused by permanent wearing of extensions, after she tweeted a photograph off herself without trademark hair appendages. At the time it seemed as though she was pleased with the make under, but within days the extensions were back.

Although hair extensions are not necessarily bad in and of themselves, problems can arise from wearing them on a long-term or permanent basis. Hair extensions are designed to be attached to the wearer’s own hair, as close as possible to the scalp, to encourage the illusion of natural fullness. The extensions add additional weight to each strand of hair which, when coupled with the tension of the fitting, pulls on the real hair often causing it to fall out.

Because of the way that extensions are fitted in groups, hair is pulled out in patches, causing visible signs of balding. Worse still, the pulling action eventually damages hair follicles, to create a condition known as Traction Alopecia. The hair follicles of women with Traction Alopecia can become deformed so that hair cannot grow from them anymore - resulting in permanent baldness in certain areas.

Are her friend’s concerns justified?

Katie Price Hair Extensions

Despite being well aware of the affect extensions are having on her scalp, Price does not seem to want to stop wearing them. Many women who experience patchy hair loss immediately turn to wearing extensions to cover bald patches sometimes making the loss worse than before.

It is therefore possible that Price really could be bald within ten years if she does not drastically alter her hair care regime. Wearing extensions on an occasional basis should not present any hair loss problems, but it is certainly the constant use of them which is causing Price to lose her hair.

How to get help

If you are experiencing hair loss as a result of hair extensions, the first step to preventing further loss is to remove the extensions and give your scalp a chance to recover. It is then advisable to seek advice from a hair loss expert, such as those at The Belgravia Centre, to create a unique treatment plan designed to promote hair regrowth in the thinning areas.

You can arrange a free, no obligation consultation at The Belgravia Centre by calling us on 0800 077 6666, or contact us online. If you can’t make it into our London clinic, then you can fill in our online diagnostic form for a home use treatment kit that we can send to you anywhere in the world.

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