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Kate Tells Prince William To Embrace Baldness or Get A Hair Transplant?

According to press reports, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has asked her husband to either accept his hair loss or get a hair transplant.

Reports Say Kate Middleton Told Prince William He Needs to Embrace His Baldness or Get A Hair TransplantOld before his time?

The National Enquirer, a US publication, reported a source close to the couple as saying “Kate thinks he looks old before his time. She says that William either needs to get a hair transplant or shave his head completely, so that he looks younger and more dynamic.

The Duke of Cambridge has been experiencing thinning hair on top for many years now – a classic tell-tale sign of Male Pattern Baldness. Shortly after the birth of his son George, the prince joked about the newborn’s hair, saying: “He’s already got way more than me, thank God!

The importance of appearance

Looking good is very important to members of the royal family, as royal biographer Andrew Morton has previously said that they are all defined by their appearances. Prince William and Kate are credited with playing an important role in uplifting the monarchy’s image in recent years: Morton commented that they “added Madison Avenue glamour to the royal family.”

The National Enquirer’s source agreed that this glamour needs to be maintained, adding, “As the future king, [William] has no option but to grow old gracefully.” With this in mind, the Duchess may also be in favour of her husband updating his wardrobe as well. According to the source, Kate is said to have told the prince “that he needs a complete style makeover”.

A third option for the prince

Shaving his head or getting a transplant are not the only options available to the future monarch – or to anyone with male pattern hair loss. There are medically-proven hair loss treatments also available, which don’t cost a royal budget!

Comprehensive male hair loss treatment courses featuring the key components, minoxidil and finasteride 1mg, can help men who are concerned about balding to prevent further shedding and regrow their hair.

These MHRA-licensed and FDA-cleared treatments can produce significant regrowth results for men with hair loss and we have charted the progress of hundreds of Belgravia’s clients by featuring them in our extensive photographic Hair Loss Success Stories. This gallery will give you real life visual examples, client reviews and show the kind of results our clients experience, along with details of the time it took each of them to achieve their regrowth.

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