Just Started Minoxidil, When Will I Start Shedding?'

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Name: Jed

Question: I just started using minoxidil today. When will I start shedding? That's a sign that it's working, right?

Answer: Hi, Jed. There is no guarantee that you will see any shedding but you shouldn't let this concern you.

The initial shedding period that can occur when first starting to use minoxidil tends to happen at around two-to-six weeks into treatment.

Where Male Pattern Baldness is concerned, as with the pattern and rate of hair loss, how much shedding occurs is personal to each individual. Various factors are involved in determining how much and when hair is shed, including whereabouts you are in your hair growth cycle when you first start treatment. It is hair in or about to enter the Telogen (resting) phase that is shed as it gets pushed out by the newer growth, some will be the thinner hair but most will be the darker, thicker hair.

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Whilst shedding is a good sign, as it signals your use of minoxidil is having the desired effect, the amount that is shed differs from person to person; in some cases, it may be far less noticeable than in others. Therefore, if you don't notice as much hair fall as you might expect, don't be put off.

We recommend sticking with your treatment for at least four months, before reviewing how you are getting on. As you are not a Belgravia client, at that point, if you have any queries about its efficacy, we advise speaking with your minoxidil provider. You can also have a consultation with another hair loss specialist if you would like a second opinion, or to explore other potential hair loss solutions open to you based on your specific situation.

There are various hair loss treatment options for treating Male Pattern Baldness, as long as the follicles are still functioning and capable of producing hair - even if, at present, it is thinning hair.

Besides high strength minoxidil, other clinically-proven products include the one-a-day DHT-blocking tablet, finasteride 1mg, and low-level laser therapy delivered via an FDA-cleared device such as the LaserComb or LaserBand. This is a targeted, at-home light therapy which stimulates the follicles in order to strengthen hair and promote regrowth.

As before, unless you have any adverse reactions - in which case you should stop treatment immediately and speak to your minoxidil provider as a matter of urgency - try sticking with your current regime for at least four months (six if you have extensive hairloss) and see how you get on.

During this time, ensure you use the medication exactly as directed eg. once or twice every day as per the instructions, and allow it sufficient time to absorb into the scalp before applying any hair products, swimming or showering (these activities may dilute or rinse away the minoxidil). This will give you the best chance of seeing optimised results from your current treatment of choice.

If, after this time you would like further, personalised hair loss advice, you can go back to your provider or talk to other experts about your concerns.

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