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Jude Gets Nude (and Reveals Bald Patch)


Don Hemingway Jude Law Hair LossBritish movie star Jude Law bares all in his latest comedy movie ‘Dom Hemingway’. Playing a cockney gangster, Law has grown a thick beard and gained 30 pounds in weight to make his character appear more menacing. But as well as seeing Jude’s naked body, cinema goers will also see a lot more of his naked scalp, complete with bald patch and receding hairline.

No more hats

For the majority of his red carpet appearances last year, Jude Law sported some form of hat. From beanies to trilbies, Law’s scalp remained firmly undercover in public.

However after agreeing to bare all in ‘Dom Hemingway’, it seems as though Jude’s attitude to his hairline is changing once more. Taking to the New York Times Style magazine he commented:

“In a weird way, it’s kind of a relief to think, ‘Oh, I know I’m not that young sort of pretty thing anymore.’ It’s quite nice talking about what it was like to be the young pretty thing, rather than being it.”

Changing looks and hairline

Jude Law first reached mainstream attention following his appearance in ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’, portraying an American playboy. His boyish good looks won Jude a legion of female fans and his ‘sex symbol’ status.

Ten years on, Jude has certainly developed a more rugged appearance, but his hairline has also receded at an alarming pace. Jude Law is showing the signs of a classic case of Male Pattern Balding, with hair rapidly disappearing from his temples, and a clear bald spot developing on the top of his head.

Can Jude Law regrow his hair?

Despite extensive hair loss, all is not lost for Jude Law should he wish to try and restore his hairline. With professional help and the use of a personalised treatment plan, Jude could slow, or even reverse, the hair loss experienced over the past decade. But the longer he leaves his hair unchecked, the more difficult he will find natural regrowth.

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