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Journalist Deals With Hair Loss By Learning To Accept Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness can be a distressing problem, but a number of men are experiencing renewed confidence thanks to changing attitudes towards baldness.

Being Bald Is More Acceptable Now, Says Journalist James Hall

Journalist, James Hall Says Accepting His Baldness Came As ‘Something of a Relief’

‘Something of a relief’

After spending 15 years coming to terms with his hair loss, journalist James Hall has written about how he is finally happy with his appearance. “Going bald is a drawn out and exhausting struggle,” he said. “But once it’s gone, it’s gone. It has happened and it is something of a relief to get to the other side.”

For Hall personally, male hair loss brought an unexpected new attitude of his own. No longer concerned about his hair, he has found a sense of freedom. He said, “Having gone through it, I never want to think about hair again – luckily I won’t have to”.

Celebrities lead stylish baldness trend

The new confidence shown by men like Hall may be influenced by the growing number of celebrities who are not only accepting their baldness but framing it as a stylish look. The current celebrity trend for goatee-type facial hair has also offered a potential way of balancing out the look.

Famous faces who have opted for this style as a way of embracing their hair loss include Jason Statham and Bruce Willis, whilst others, like James Franco, have adopted these styles for movie roles. When John Travolta recently revealed his true, receding hairline in a fan photo at the gym, many commented that he looked better without his hairpiece.

The journalist commented on the suggestion that some of these men are considered more attractive when bald. He concluded, “It is nothing to do with looks but all to do with attitude”.

John Travolta Reveals Thinning Hair In 3am Gym Selfie With Fan

Many Fans Said They Found John Travolta More Appealing Without His Hairpiece

Dealing with male hair loss

Unfortunately, many men are unable to share Hall’s new confidence, and spend a number of years too embarrassed by their signs of hair loss to seek advice or treatment. They opt instead to attempt to disguise their hair loss – a process Hall calls ‘the cover-up’. He explains, “This stage involves […] growing their hair longer on the misguided assumption that the increasing length will obscure the decreasing density”. Interestingly, if you want to help conceal your hair loss with a haircut then hairdressers actually recommend a shorter cut for a more flattering look on thinning hair.

Despite Male Pattern Baldness being the most common hair loss condition, it is still something that many men find difficult to come to terms with and affects their self-esteem. Deciding whether to accept it, shave it or treat male hair loss is a dilemma faced by many men around the world. For those who are not ready to say goodbye to their hair just yet, there are medically-proven male hair loss treatments which can stabilise shedding, promote regrowth and improve the condition of the hair.

If you are concerned by Male Pattern Baldness, contact a specialist as soon as possible to receive a full diagnosis and a bespoke, tailored hair loss treatment plan to suit your needs.

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