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Is Hair Dye Causing Baldness for Joss Stone?


Will baldness strip Joss Stone of her crowning glory?It’s not such a Wonderful World when a woman’s told she’s going bald but it’s a reality soul singer Joss Stone may have to face if she doesn’t quit dyeing her hair, according to one well-wisher.

“I went through a stage where I was dying it blue, purple, pink and wearing really colourful clothes,” the 22-year-old said. “But you have to bleach it before you put the colour on and that was ruining it.”

The Right to be Wrong singer was told she was at risk of hair loss while working on her comeback material.

“Someone said you have to stop otherwise all your hair will drop out. I seriously didn’t want that to happen. So I ditched the colour and went back to being natural again.”

It’s nice to see Stone getting back to her roots so no one better tell her that the use of hair dye won’t render her bald! Of course there’s a limit – dying can result in some degree of thinning hair – but such procedures do not damage the hair follicle within the scalp to cause baldness.

Some degree of chemical damage is unavoidable. Bleaching and dyeing change the hair structure because they have to penetrate the cuticle and get into the cortex where they have their effect. Such damage may result in hair breakage, but it’s only surface hair loss and will grow back if the hair follicles are still healthy.

Significant hair loss as a result of colouring is generally the result of a serious chemical burn to the scalp that destroys the hair follicles – or if you have a predisposition to female pattern hair loss. There are effective hair loss treatments that can halt and reverse the damage so if the condition of your hair isn’t getting any better, talk to a hair loss specialist and determine if it’s related to your hair styling habits, or if it’s something else.

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