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Johnny Vaughan’s Capital Idea About Baldness


Johnny Vaughan shaved his head to deal with his hair lossCall it bravado or call it ignorance but according to Capital Radio’s Breakfast Show host Johnny Vaughan, shaving their heads is the best way for men to deal with baldness.

The balding and quick-talking radio host last year admitted that shaving his hair helped alleviate his sense of insecurity. He’s not the only one either – a lot of men are anxious about their receding hairlines and opt for the shave to conceal the fact that they’re thinning on top.

Scientifically speaking though, hair loss is manageable. It can be stabilised with effective treatment and re-growth is entirely possible with a personalised hair loss treatment program that’s tailored to suit an individual’s circumstances. Hair growth boosters can provide maximised results and there are many simple lifestyle changes you can adopt to encourage healthy hair growth.

Unfortunately for Vaughan, he spent years trying to hide his receding hairline rather than really doing something about it.

“I shaved it all off after realising I was a ‘crafty comber’” Vaughan told Closer last year. “My one big regret is that I didn’t do it years ago. Men need to be upfront about it. As soon as it starts receding, shave it off!”

I’d strongly advise against such measures if you want to keep your hair. Sure you should be upfront about hair loss (to yourself at least), but you don’t have to get all macho and shave your head if you’d prefer to maintain the locks you have or restore the ones you’ve lost. By all means, go ahead with the shave if hair growth boosters and a personalised hair loss program don’t work for you, but at least then you’ll know whether you could be another hair loss success story.

Why shave your head when you can revers the effects of hair loss?

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