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John Travolta Relaxes about Hair Loss


John Travolta BaldJohn Travolta has been pictured on holiday in Hawaii with a receding hairline, leaving at home the weave that many observers have been accustomed to seeing him wear in recent times.

The actor, who was celebrating his 57th birthday with his family, freely revealed his balding head, in contrast to the efforts used to conceal his hair loss in the past. Rumours of a hair transplant have abounded and Travolta has been seen sporting a mesh: a net-like system used in hair weaving procedures.

The Hawaii holiday snaps follow pictures of Travolta opening the Breitling Flagship store in New York with a full head of brown hair last month, while in January the actor had a styled full yet short crop.

The images of the Grease star’s male pattern baldness – also known as Androgenic Alopecia – show the condition that is most regularly treated by the Belgravia Centre’s hair loss specialists.

Male hair loss is stabilised and reduced through a series of comprehensive treatment options, fine-tuned for each hair loss sufferer and with close monitoring and after-care services.

View our hair loss success stories of people using specially tailored combinations of these treatments, with added hair growth boosters.

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