John Travolta Decides to Own His Hair Loss with Bald Selfie

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There are a few celebrities whose hair - or lack of it - is a constant topic of discussion among fans, one of whom is John Travolta.

Candid photos of the now 64 year old star, have occasionally popped up online showing him without his suspected hairpiece and revealing his extensive Male Pattern Baldness.

However, the actor, who has had a number of iconic roles - and hairstyles - in his five-decade long career, having played lead roles in classic films including Grease and Pulp Fiction, has opted to hide his hair loss for many years.

John Travolta embraces baldness hair loss bald selfie new year 2019

It seems Travolta's New Year's Resolution for 2019 may be to embrace his baldness after he shared a selfie featuring a completely smooth scalp to Instagram, captioned "I hope everyone had a great New Year!"

Widow's peak receded

Before he started losing his hair, John Travolta had a pronounced widow's peak - a pointed hairline - which receded over time from the temples, forming an increasingly exaggerated M-shaped hairline.

A receding hairline, for men with or without a widow's peak, is one of the key signs of genetic hair loss. Male Pattern Baldness only presents in the upper part of the scalp, along the top from crown to hairline, and in the temporal regions. This is because the condition causes an hereditary sensitivity to the testosterone byproduct DHT in these follicles; those around the sides and back of the scalp are immune to its effects.

The DHT binds to susceptible follicles, gradually weakening them and causing them to produce ever finer hair, which shows outwardly as hair thinning or receding. As hair growth becomes increasingly sparse, hair loss occurs and baldness may occur in these areas. This process is known as follicular miniaturisation.

Affected men tend to experience defined shedding in specific areas - such as a thinning crown, or - like Travolta - a receding hairline - though these two patterns may link up to form a balding vertex, or thinning on top may start from the outset.

Shave it or save it?

For many men with thinning hair, a time comes when they feel a decision needs to be made as to how they deal with going bald. Do they shave their head or at least have their hair tightly cropped to make it less obvious, like Prince William, or do they try to save and regrow their hair?

For those with the confidence to embrace baldness, this can be a great - not to mention time-saving - decision. John Travolta reportedly first considered going bald in 2010 after sporting the look for a film and finding it went down well with his wife, Kelly Preston.

The fact that it appears to have taken him a further nine years to go through with this image change may indicate the courage some men feel they need before taking what can feel like a drastic measure.

For those who - for whatever reason - do not feel comfortable with the idea of going bald, there are clinically-proven, non-surgical hair loss solutions.

These are available to medically-suitable men aged 18 and over whose affected follicles are still capable of producing hair. This can generally be assessed based on whether or not there is still hair present; even if it is thin, and the scalp has not taken on the smooth, shiny look that typifies true baldness, the follicles should still be open to stimulation.

One oral and one topical men's hair loss treatment have been MHRA licensed and FDA approved for Male Pattern Baldness and can help to inhibit DHT formation, as well as promoting hair growth. Either or both of these treatments can be used alongside additional hair growth supporting products which range from low level laser therapy to targeted food supplements such as Hair Vitalics for Men, as part of a fully-rounded regimen for preventing baldness.

A consultation with a dedicated hair specialist can provide bespoke recommendations for the optimum programme components based on the individual's specific level and pattern of shedding, as well as their medical profile.

Even just knowing that professional help - other than hairpieces, wigs or surgical hair restoration - and advice is out there, can be a huge source of comfort when making such a personal decision as how to deal with hair loss, regardless of whether they ultimately decide to treat it or shave it off.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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