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Jim Davidson – Celebrity Big Brother Winner, Hairline Loser?


Jim Davidson Big Brother The Belgravia CentreThe 13th series of Celebrity Big Brother has finally drawn to a close, won by 60-year old Jim Davidson. The game show host and comedian was the bookies’ favourite to win going into the final episode despite having been up for eviction every week since entering the house.

Leaving the Big Brother house in a grey suit and waistcoat, the funnyman was greeted by a rapturous crowd before being presented with a bottle of celebratory champagne. But in a follow-up interview for the CBBOTS show, Jim was clearly showing the strain of being under 24-hour surveillance, not least via a well-positioned fringe designed to mask a receding hairline.

Male Pattern Baldness – perfectly natural and not uncommon

Davidson is far from alone: at his age, more than half of all men will experience significant balding, usually caused by a genetic condition called Androgenic Alopecia, or Male Pattern Baldness.

Unlike many other men affected by the condition, Jim does not appear to be experiencing a thinning crown, developing the classic bald spot that is commonly associated with the condition.

Hair loss affects men of all ages

Male Pattern Baldness may be commonly associated with older gentlemen, but research proves that men of almost any age can be affected by the condition. Indeed, some of Davidson’s fellow housemates look to be struggling with their hairlines as well.

Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke, for instance, is showing very early signs of thinning hair at the front of his hairline near his parting, suggesting that he is also being affected by the early stages of Androgenic Alopecia. There are also question marks over Dappy’s hairline, as he too appears to be masking it with a long, shapeless fringe.

The rate of hair loss differs depending on a number of factors, with some men losing their hair much more slowly than others. Jim Davidson appears to have a very slow moving variant for instance, as evidenced by the relatively thick hair still in place on the top of his head. Regardless of how slow the rate of loss or the age at which the condition first manifests however, the outcome is always the same – a receding hair line and an expanding bald spot which eventually merge to form a completely bald scalp.

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