Jennifer Lawrence Met Gala Ball Hair Style Due To Hair Loss?

Jennifer lawrence met ball dress hair loss

She topped many a best dressed list this week with her black sleeveless Dior dress, and Jennifer Lawrence went for a classy look overall, complete with red lips and a swept back hair style with her newly bobbed hair. However, rumours are now swirling as to whether the Hunger Games star decided to cut her locks after she began to experience hair loss.

The Hair Games

According to one source quoted in the Daily Star, Larence has "been sporting a shorter do for weeks, and has made out it’s for style reasons. But really she chopped her hair off because it’s been falling out of her head.” The source went on to say that star has had so many chemical treatments and extensions that "the only thing she could really do with her hair was to start over".

If the source is correct, and Lawrence is indeed getting "really paranoid" about her hair, she may be relieved to know that hair that has been damaged by dying or other types of hair treatment should begin to recover once the processes are stopped. Whilst it may take a while to grow out the old, damaged strands, the new hair should be back to its normal condition.

However, if Jennifer's problems are due to overusing hair extensions, it could be that she is experiencing traction alopecia. This type of hair loss happens when undue pressure is put on the hair follicle from extensions, weaves, or tight hair styles. This causes the follicle to become damaged and unable to produce its usual healthy hair. A hair loss treatment programme that contains a extra-strength minoxidil cream would give Jennifer a great chance of regrowing her lost hair.

Red Carpet Ready


 is the only hair loss medication that the MHRA (the UK medical regulatory body) has approved for women to use. Depending on the severity of your hair loss, the correct strength minoxidil as advised by a hair loss specialist is applied twice a day to the areas of loss, resulting in hair regrowth within several months in many cases, just look at the women in our success story blog posts.

In order to ensure that her hair was kept in the healthiest condition possible, enabling Jennifer to look her best on the red carpet, a hair loss treatment plan would also include a number of treatment boosters. Alone these additions will not treat hair loss, but when used alongside minoxidil they are highly complementary.

Hair growth boosters can include the nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics, which contains a carefully honed mix of proteins, vitamins and minerals which encourage healthy hair growth, and the FDA cleared LaserComb, which can both stimulate new hair growth and ensure that hair grows at the fastest speed possible.


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