Jennifer Aniston: Hair Is A Big Deal For Women

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Friends star Jennifer Aniston was responsible for the haircut of the 90's with her bouncy layered style that became known as 'The Rachel' after her character in the hit tv show. Since then, she has made many a newspaper column with her golden tresses, which always appear in immaculate and healthy condition.

It was therefore no surprise when she became co-owner of a hair brand, and after the announcement the actress was keen to emphasise how important she felt hair was to women. However, whilst hair products can improve the condition of hair, what can women use to counter hair loss?

"A better hair day"

Speaking at a company event after it was unveiled that Aniston would be closely involved with new product development, the star explained her reasons for her involvement, stating: “For me and a lot of girls, hair is a big deal. There are a lot of greater trials of the world, but ask any girl- it’s one of those boxes you check off. If that means having a better hair day, that goes a long way.”

Whilst many assume that her current success in the movie making industry would mean Aniston had a whole cohort of people looking after her hair and keeping it in the best condition, the star confessed that on her latest film set: “It was about 100 per cent humidity, so the frizz factor was through the roof.” Of course, we share Aniston's understanding of the importance of hair to women, but we also recognise that for many, as the years go by, their hair gradually thins due to a condition called female pattern hair loss.

Hair Thinning: It's Not Inevitable

This thinning of hair, which usually occurs evenly over the top of the scalp in women, is caused by a genetic predisposition that causes scalp follicles to be affected by the androgen DHT. This hormone causes hair follicles on top of the scalp to shrink, meaning that they produce weaker hair, which can appear like wispy, baby hair. If left untreated, hair becomes increasingly thin, meaning that scalp can become visible, often leaving women self conscious.

For women who want to achieve thick, healthy hair like Jennifer's, there is one clinically proven hair loss medication available to them. Minoxidil is applied directly to the thinning area of the scalp, and is produced by The Belgravia Pharmacy in formulations ranging from 4% up to a 10% minoxidil cream for particularly difficult areas of hair loss.

Of course, we understand that addressing your hair loss can be a difficult experience. As such, our hair loss specialists are able to use their vast expertise to not only diagnose your type of hair loss and recommend the best way of regrowing your locks during a free consultation, but they can also provide support seven days a week as part of a comprehensive treatment programme.

Our treatment plans provide not only medication, but a number of treatment boosters including relaxing clinical treatments, specially formulated shampoos and conditioners, and nutritional supplements, all designed to give your hair the best possible chance of growing back thick and healthy, and giving you your confidence back, too.

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