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Javier Zanetti’s on the Lookout For Baldness


Javier-ZanettiProfessional footballers do seem to have it all. With the millionaire’s salaries, beautiful homes, gorgeous wives and adoring fans you can start to think they’re living in a different world to the rest of us. But even those with the most confidence on the pitch share the very same worries, and hair loss is certainly one of them.

Javier Zanetti, Inter Milan skipper and Argentine international, is admired across the world for his talent and versatility on the field. He is also known for his enviable head of hair – despite all of this, Javier is almost obsessed with the fear of the onset of baldness.

Javier recently admitted that there are only two people in the world who are allowed to touch his hair: his young son and daughter. Everybody else, including his wife, is banned from touching his locks because he is so scared of losing them.

Javier said: “I like my hair. I care about it. My wife Paula thinks I am obsessed and maybe she’s right, because my nightmare is going bald. Some team-mates joke about that but I can’t help it.”

Although Javier perhaps doesn’t need to be quite as cautious as he is, he is right to keep an eye out for any signs of male pattern baldness. The earlier thinning hair is spotted, the easier it is to treat – this allows Belgravia’s exclusive formulations and treatments to work as effectively as possible.

If you have an inkling that hair loss is approaching, contact us for a free consultation, or fill in an online diagnosis form at your leisure. View our hair loss success stories to read comments, and view before / after photos to see exactly what you can expect.

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