Japanese Article Links Eating Ramen With Hair Loss

An article on a Japanese website has linked the noodle dish ramen to hair loss. The story, written by cookery researcher Ogawa Chieko, claims that many men in Japan are eating ramen every day, and the limited diet could be contributing to their thinning hair.

The article also cites stress as a potential cause of hair loss, along with diet foods, alcohol, all-you-can-eat buffets and processed snack foods, consumption of which is on the rise in Japan.

Do noodles cause hair loss?

Could Ramen Really Cause Hair Loss?

Eating a bowl of noodles is hardly likely to result in immediate shedding - however, there may be some truth to the writer’s claims. Hair loss is a symptom of many conditions, although often those who experience it are genetically predisposed to hereditary hair loss. Although conditions such as Male Pattern Baldness are genetic, high levels of stress, heavy drinking and eating a poor diet may exacerbate this type of shedding, as well as potentially triggering temporary hair loss conditions such as Telogen Effluvium in others.

The ingredients in ramen - normally noodles and broth topped with meat - are not particularly unhealthy on their own. In fact, a limited amount of lean red meat and bone broth could be beneficial to hair health, as they contain iron and a variety of nutrients beneficial to hair. However, if people are eating a restricted diet containing only noodles, they may not be getting the balance of vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair. This is also true of the other foods mentioned in the article: diet foods, all-you-can-eat buffets and processed snack foods may not be providing the vital nutrition for maintaining good health generally, which will be reflected in the condition of the hair.

Heavy Drinking Is Reported To Be On The Increase In JapanKeeping hair healthy

To keep hair in prime condition, a balanced diet is recommended, including fruit and vegetables, sources of protein and minerals such as zinc and iron. Those who struggle to eat a balanced diet can take a daily supplement, such as Hair Vitalics, to provide the most important nutrients to keep hair at its optimum condition.

As the author of the article suggests, limiting intake of alcohol and taking steps to reduce stress can also be beneficial to hair health. Excess stress can cause the body to temporarily shut down non-essential processes such as hair growth, and high alcohol intake can adversely affect hair in a number of ways.

Although lifestyle changes can go some way to improving the condition of hair, those who are already experiencing unusual amounts of hair loss should consider consulting a specialist. A hair loss expert will be able to identify the cause of your shedding and advise on the appropriate medically-proven hair loss treatments for your individual condition, as well as providing lifestyle advice to help regrow your hair and restore its condition.

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