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James Nesbitt – Where did all that hair come from??


James Nesbitt Hair LossRecent photographs taken at the 2009 BAFTAs show a stark improvement in Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt’s previously receding hairline.

What used to be nothing but fluff has transformed into what can only be described as a forehead to be proud of.

Many of the tabloids have reported on the possibility of Nesbitt, who is best known for his part in Cold Feet and Yellow Pages ads, having re-vamped his mop through hair replacement surgery, but Leonora Doclis, senior hair loss specialist at The Belgravia Centre explains that – whilst his thinning hair was clearly at an advanced stage, there may be another reason for the actor’s transformation.

Most people wouldn’t believe that this degree of hair regrowth could be possible without surgery but the fact is, at Belgravia we see people every day who have experienced similar results to Nesbitt’s from medically proven treatments for hair loss.  Our before and after photos say it all,” she explains.

James Nesbitt With Hair“Nesbitt’s pattern of hair loss was one that frequently sees a significant reversal from using a personalised combination of the right medications and booster products. As long as there is some hair in the area of the scalp being treated – a sign that the hair follicles are still active, even if it’s basically just fluff – there’s always a possibility that it could return to its original density.”

Update: James Nesbitt has now confirmed that he did indeed undergo a hair transplant but also stated that he also follows a male pattern hair loss treatment course containing the two clinically-proven, MHRA licensed and FDA-approved medications “to improve the quality of my hair and to prevent further hair loss”.

To see examples of Belgravia clients with patterns of hairloss akin to James Nesbitt’s who have experienced similarly promising levels of regrowth without needing surgical hair restoration – like those pictured below – view our Receding Hairline Treatment Success Stories.

Belgravia Male Hair Loss Treatment Client Josh is 'Amazed by the Transformation'


Example 1: Josh

Josh says, “I’m amazed by the transformation I’ve seen after only three months. Very helpful and approachable staff”

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Belgravia Client Tom is Seeing Impressive Regrowth to his Thinning Hair from Treatment


Example 2: Tom

Tom says, “Within 3 months I had noticeable re-growth. The medication was simple and straightforward and I’m delighted with the progress so far.”

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Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic Thinning Hair Treatment Client Success Story


Example 3: Jose

Jose says, “Been with Belgravia Centre for 1 year and I am very pleased to see EXCELLENT results in my hair, IT IS AMAZING!!”

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