I Have Telogen Effluvium Due To Emotional Stress...What's Happening?

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: Zandie

Question: Hi, I've had telogen effluvium due to emotional stress for well over a year now. Although to others the hair loss doesn't seem that excessive, it has deeply effected my confidence. I feel in a much better place now and rarely ever feel stressed, however my hair still seems to be falling out more than usual (more than 200 hundred hairs a day) with little regrowth. I know the hairloss isn't genetic as both my dad and my mum's dad have full heads of hair. I was wondering if you could give me an explanation to what's happening and when I’m likely to see some improvement. I’m only 17 so I hope you understand my deepest concern.
Thank you for helping me, Zandie.

Answer: Telogen Effluvium is a temporary type of hair loss and regrowth is often spontaneous. This type of hair loss has a short duration, so your observation that it has been occurring for well over a year suggests that it is chronic. It is also possible that it may have triggered a genetic predisposition towards pattern hair loss, regardless of whether or not another member of your family has expressed this trait. I suggest that you see a hair loss specialist, as the density of your hair needs assessment. A comparison of the hair growth all over your scalp will help ascertain the type of hair loss that you're experiencing. Treating your condition with a hair loss treatment plan sooner rather than later will help to prevent any damage to your hair follicles and potentially increase the amount of hair regrowth that you can achieve.

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