Is this Delicious?

is a social bookmarking site. That means that instead of keeping bookmarks (web pages you like and would like to remember) on your computer, in your browser, you can now keep them online at Delicious. logo

The benefit to you is partly that you get to keep your bookmarks when you change computer, and you can access them from other computers too. So you'll never lose your bookmarks.

But the real benefit is that you get to share great websites with your friends. So if you're a gardener, manager, taxi driver, performer or whatever you do, you can see what your friends have discovered online, and you can share great sites with them.

Underneath all that, however, is something that benefits us, the Belgravia Centre, as well as you. When you bookmark a website with Delicious, it's as if you're voting for it. You give it human approval. If enough people do that to a site, it's clearly a useful or popular site. The search engines watch what people bookmark and that influences how high in the search results sites are placed. It makes the Internet interactive.

Clearly, then, we'd like you to bookmark us in Delicious. You could even comment on our service there. But equally, as you bookmark sites you like, you're influencing the Internet, making it more your kind of place, helping those you like.

So, take a look at Open an account, and start bookmarking web pages you like. Connect with your friends and share your bookmarks. Get into the habit of bookmarking good sites as you browse the Internet. And if you think one of those good sites is ours, bookmark your favourite pages here too.

Step by step:

  1. open an account at go through the setup process

  2. bookmark a few sites just to get the hang of it (dare we suggest ours?)

  3. start building a network of friends and start sharing your bookmarks

Get your friends into Delicious then you can share bookmarks, especially if you have friends who share a hobby, a course, you're in a band, or just others in your town

. Click People->Go_To_A_User and enter their Delicious username, then add them to your network (top right). Click People->myNetwork each day to see what your friends have discovered across the Internet.

Get new friends by checking who else bookmarked the pages you hold dear (click the number that represents how many people bookmarked the site). Click on each username. When you find someone who bookmarks stuff you like, add them to your network too.

Network with us, our username is JonnyBe.

Check out the Delicious blog to get in the loop.

And remember, when you see the Delicious logo (for instance at the end of each of our blog posts), that's a shortcut quick way for you to bookmark that blog. Easy.

There's a blog about Digg too, check that out.

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