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‘Is There Such A Thing As Finasteride Shedding?’


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Name: Will

Question: I know you can initially shed extra hair when first starting minoxidil but is there such a thing as finasteride shedding?

Answer: Hi, Will. Yes, some hair shedding is commonly associated with starting to use finasteride and this tends to occur around two months after starting treatment for Male Pattern Baldness. It can last for around two weeks and is entirely normal so is not generally anything to worry about.

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Many men follow courses featuring both the MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved hair loss treatments, minoxidil and finasteride, and start using both medications simultaneously. As such, it can be difficult to distinguish the well-documented process of minoxidil shedding from that caused by starting to take finasteride.

It should be noted, however, that in each case this type of temporary hair loss does not actually happen to everyone or, if it does, it may be so insignificant as to be indistinguishable from regular hair fall so those who don’t find themselves experiencing extra shedding should not worry either!

One aspect worth considering when assessing your level of hair fall is whereabouts the hair is actually shedding from as Male Pattern Hair Loss only affects the top of the scalp from crown to hairline and temporal regions.  If thinning is occurring in areas besides these – such as the back or sides of the head – it could be a sign of a temporary hair loss condition being present simultaneously, especially if there are triggering factors such as being under intense or prolonged stress, having an unbalanced diet or undiagnosed illness, or having started a new prescription medication recently – aside from the aforementioned hair loss treatments.

It is possible to have more than one hair loss condition at the same time, but any temporary shedding will generally right itself naturally once the cause has been removed or successfully managed. Alternatively, personalised treatment courses can be tailored to treat both issues at once.

If you are concerned about additional, sustained hairloss after starting any kind of hair loss treatment we would certainly recommend speaking to your provider about this as a first port of call, even if it is just to put your mind at rest.

Also, if you would also like a second opinion or cannot contact your treatment provider for any reason, a consultation with a hair specialist may be worthwhile so that they can provide you with their expert opinion.

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