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Is There A Product That Can Make My Hair Grow After a Transplant?

Name: Chris

Man with Hair LossQuestion: I have had severe hair loss for about 12 years and in that time have had two hair transplants with not good effect. Is there a product that can make hair grow? I’ve tried most products and I’m only 31. It’s seriously getting me down. I use Toppik which is a god-send but I’m getting to the stage were I’m getting annoyed at using it.

Answer: There are only two clinically proven treatments that can stabilise hair loss and generate and maintain hair growth. Most people are advised to first try these hair loss treatments before undergoing a hair transplant, particularly younger men who are only in the early stages of hair loss as the pattern and degree of hair loss is still uncertain. After a year of the treatment, if there are areas where no regrowth has taken place, surgery can be performed if one desires.

In your case, you may still be able to benefit from these products. A treatment programme consisting primarily of Propecia and minoxidil is likely to be the best opportunity for you to obtain hair loss stabilisation and regrowth. While Toppik is a cosmetic camouflage, a treatment course based around Propecia and minoxidil works at the root level to address the cause of hair loss.

With the right combination of treatments, supported by the correct hair growth boosters, it is highly possible to prevent further hair loss and, as in the great majority of cases, also grow a certain degree of hair back.

It would be advisable, however, for you contact the centre for an examination to determine what course of action would be most suitable for you at this stage. To book your appointment, please call 020 7730 6666 or message the centre for more information.

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