Is There a Cure for Alopecia of the Head, Beard and Eyebrows?'

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Hello my name is Mahmoud Yassin told the 33-year-old I suffer from alopecia disease in the head and beard and eyebrows and eyelashes Is there a cure with you now I'm about to use a treatment called MESOLINE HAIR Do you advise me to use?

Answer: Hi, Mahmoud. This sounds like Alopecia Totalis which is an autoimmune condition that causes complete hair loss from the scalp and can also lead to a loss of all hair on the head, including brows, lashes and facial hair.

Unfortuately although there are various treatments for Alopecia Totalis, none are particularly effective and even those which are hospital-based tend to have low success rates. There is definitely no cure available.

There are currently a number of potential treatments in development, of which JAK inhibitors look the most promising so far, so although there may be a reliable treatment available in the future, we are sorry to tell you that for now it is unlikely you will see regrowth results from any products. We do not expect Mesoline Hair will help your condition and, although you should consult your doctor for further information personal to you, we would generally not advise this type of hair loss product for any form of Alopecia Areata.

Charities such as Alopecia UK may be able to provide you with support and further information about coming to terms and dealing with Alopecia Totalis. If having hair is extremely important to you, you may want to look into micropigmentation where tiny dots are tattooed onto the scalp to give the appearance of hair. We do not offer this service, nor treat Alopecia Totalis at Belgravia but your doctor should be able to direct you to a specialist.

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