Is the economic downturn behind a rise in hair loss?

Economic Downturn and Hair Loss The Belgravia Centre

We now live in an age of austerity; markets the world over are still recovering from the economic downturn, and with the Eurozone now in dire straits, unemployment is higher than it has been for many years. Combined with increased levels of debt and uncertainty, a great many people are experiencing rising levels of stress. Although the economic impact of this situation is widely understood, it seems that these heightened levels of stress in Britain at present are also causing some people to experience hair loss.

Hair is not austerity-proof

According to hair loss expert Leonora Doclis, "stress can be a significant contributing factor in common forms of hair loss such as Male Pattern Baldness. As everybody knows, stress is not healthy and when it comes to hair loss it can trigger or significantly speed up the problem in men and women".

Long hours and concern over possible redundancy can cause stress, which can manifest itself in increased hair shedding; which in turn can lead to anything from complete complete baldness or general thinning. There are a number of conditions that can be caused accelerated by stress including Genetic (Male or Female Pattern) Hair Loss or Alopecia Areata in the case of both men and women. Telogen Effluvium however, is a condition much more common amongst women.

Tips to boost hair health

Removing the source of stress

is of  course very important, but there are specific things that you can do to help your hair withstand the effects of stress. These include washing hair daily, rinsing in cold water, allowing your hair to dry naturally, eating well and choosing a less rigid brush. However, the most important piece of advice is to seek help from a trained professional, who can discuss and implement the best methods to help restore your scalp to a healthy state. It is with this final point that The Belgravia Centre can help.

Trust the experts

The Belgravia Centre offers a bespoke service that will take your specific circumstances into account. During your initial no-obligation consultation, one of our experts will assess the condition of your hair. A Belgravia expert will provide you with a treatment regime tailored to your specific needs that can prevent hair loss and regrow hair. Our experts have experience dealing with all kinds of hair loss conditions, and should be able to help. Belgravia's success stories are testament to the exceptional results that can be achieved for so many treatment users.

To book an appointment, contact us online or over the phone on 0800 077 6666. If you can’t make it into the clinic, you can fill in our online diagnostic form, from which we can assess your condition and provide a home use treatment kit which can be sent to you anywhere in the world.

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