Is Receding Hairline Linked to Iron Level Issues?'

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Question: I’m 29 in Dec I noticed the past two years my hair line receding more on my right than the left, hair on top of my crown looks good and is thick although when I grow it out it breaks easily, I am a carrier of thallasimia a blood disorder and have been prescribed iron tablets in the past although I’m not on any iron supplements to date. I eat fish and oatmeal and two days ago started eating eggs, my dad is bald, one of my brothers is bald, he’s younger but my other two brothers have great hair, I know I should see a doctor at some point but really want to see a hair specialist

Answer: Hi, Gary. As you may know, hair loss can be associated with iron level issues or underlying illnesses, including Thalassaemia. It is also entirely possible that your receding hairline - even if it is receding unevenly, with more hair loss on one side than the other - is due to genetics.

As you say that your father and one of your brothers are bald, it is highly likely that you have inherited the genetics that make you susceptible to Male Pattern Hair Loss. This hereditary condition can skip generations by the relevant 'balding genes' remaining dormant - and thus not producing hair loss - rather than active. This could explain the fact that your older brothers do not show signs of hair loss (yet).

The strain that illnesses and iron deficiencies can place on the body can speed up the onset of male pattern baldness. Therefore, it could be the case that your health struggles have activated your dormant predisposition to genetic hairloss, making it active.

It is entirely possible to have a receding hairline without also having a thinning crown or thinning on top. The brittle hair texture you describe sounds like it is health or diet-related as stress or strain placed on the body has a drying effect. We understand from the contact information provided that you are based in India so, as we cannot treat patients based in your country, we recommend you speak to a local hair loss specialist. They should be able to diagnose your hair loss condition to put your mind at rest, and make suitable treatment recommendations.

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