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Is Orlando Bloom Experiencing Receding Hairline Hair Loss?

orlando bloom receding hairline hair loss He’s famous for starring in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of The Rings, and Orlando Bloom has also been putting in the hours as a father, and was papped out this week running along with his young son Flynn in his pushchair with their dog Sidi following in their wake.

The actor, 36, certainly has a great crop of dark locks, though as is the case for 40% of men his age he may be showing signs of hair loss: it’s all in the hairline. It’s possible to naturally have a slight widow’s peak, where the hair forms a V shape at the forehead. However, if this V is becoming more prominent, it’s more likely that male pattern hair loss has begun in the form of a receding hairline.

Lord of the Receding Hairline?

So, if Bloom notices that the corners of his hair at the forehead seem to be thinning, perhaps the individual hairs are wispy and baby-like, he might do well to take a closer look, or even better, have a hair loss specialist do it for him. Because, if Bloom is receding, he will need to act now to prevent it from becoming more noticeable.

In fact it’s even possible that Bloom is already addressing his hair thinning by using Propecia, which may explain why the overall density is so good (or, he could just be genetically lucky, it does happen!). If so, he might be under the illusion that Propecia, a DHT blocker, will protect his hairline, too.

Whilst Propecia is great for preventing follicular miniaturisation, it won’t prevent a receding hairline. Luckily, there is another hair loss medication called minoxidil that has also been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA for treating hair loss, which can help treat frontal balding.

Dashing Towards Hair Loss

High strength minoxidil can make a real difference to stubborn areas of hair loss – such as a receding hairline – by stimulating follicles into regrowing hair.

A comprehensive treatment programme for male pattern balding would ideally contain both of the above medications, with a dedicated hair loss specialist selecting the ideal daily dosage of minoxidil for your specific case. They will also provide you with a number of treatment boosters, which can enhance the effect of the medication, for instance the FDA cleared LaserComb, which can speed up the regrowth.

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12th July, 2013 at 7:35 pm


I know you guys are promoting plastic surgery, but Orlando is definitely not receding. He has the thickest hair ever. He's just done shooting as Legolas in 'The Hobbit', which always requires him to shave back part of his hairline to wear a blonde wig. That's why he's in a weird hairspace right now. The same thing happened to him in 2011, when he showed up at the Paris Fashion Week with slightly thinner hair at the corners. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsd9xnCdKi1qikllko1_1280.jpg Then bam, merely a month later he was back to his usual immaculately straight hairline.

15th July, 2013 at 2:41 pm


Hi Andreas, Thanks for reading our story and taking the time to reply. Firstly just to clear up the confusion, we are specialists in medical hair loss treatment, and don't provide hair transplants or plastic surgery. Secondly, there's certainly no denying how thick and healthy Bloom's hair looks, however many of our patients will experience a receding hairline before any overall thinning, so it's worth remembering that pattern hair loss can begin whilst a good hair density is maintained, therefore a patient might find they don't want to use Propecia (good for overall thinning) but do want to use the topical medication minoxidil for targeted treatment of the hairline.
Thanks for putting forward the information about Bloom shaving his hairline in order to wear a wig for filming, if this is the case then he certainly doesn't appear to have anything to worry about!

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