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Is old age making my hair thin and dry?


HairlossANSWERS - Click to Submit Your Query to Our Hair Loss ExpertsName: Diane Berry

Question: I’m an 82 year old woman but young for my age lately my hair is very dry and I’m loosing a  lot of it  the doctor says its old age. Would it be that? I had such thick hair I don’t know what to do about it being so dry.

Is My Hair Getting Dry and Thin Because of Old Age?Answer: Most hair complaints after the age of 50 turn out to be Female Pattern Hair loss. A progressive widening of the top parting indicates this. A small proportion of hair loss complaints can certainly be attributed to the aging process but this occurs slowly over many years. Treatment courses for women, consisting primarily of Minoxidil with added hair growth boosters, can help to prevent further hair loss and to encourage regrowth.

Diffuse hair loss that can occur at any age, happens when the hair loss is generalised around the scalp and tends to happen suddenly. This type of hair loss is due to disruption of the hair growth cycle due to stress or illness.

Diffuse thinning tends to correct itself in time, as long as the underlying cause subsides, but treatment can help to speed up regrowth and minimise possible damage to hair growth as our body recovers from the stressful episode.

Dryness of the hair is often due to chemicals applied such as tints, perms and the use of heat equipment such as hair dryers or curling tongs.  Dry hair can also indicate lack of essential oils and Vitamin A. Medical conditions such as Thyroid imbalance can explain hair loss and dry hair, but in the absence of any known reason, it is best to add a multivitamin to a well balanced diet.

Most women also complain about dry hair and dry skin after the menopause and beyond due to decreased level of Oestrogen. Adding fish oils and Vitamin E in the diet helps to improve the dryness of both hair and skin.

Overall, the best step forward is to have the problem diagnosed by a hair loss specialist so the correct treatment or approach is recommended.

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