Is Nancy Dell’Ollio Experiencing Hair Loss?

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Flamboyant Nancy Dell’Ollio is as famous for her exuberant sense of style as for her many other achievements. The one-time girlfriend of former England manager Sven-Göran Eriksson often combines daring outfits with her own natural Italian good looks, topped by a head of thick, luxurious black hair.

However, recent pictures taken outside a Covent Garden restaurant suggest that Nancy’s punishing celebrity schedule may be taking its toll on her hair. After leaving the meal with theatre director Trevor Nunn, Dell’Ollio was photographed displaying clear signs of a bald patch on the back of her head.

A sign of underlying hair loss?

Nancy’s thinning hair seems to be a recent development. Closer examination of the photographs suggests the patches may be as a direct result of using hair extensions or a weave to disguise thinning hair - a common reaction to female hair loss.

The 52-year old lawyer and former star of Strictly Come Dancing is not the first female celebrity to experience similar problems with hair extensions. Supermodel Naomi Campbell, reality TV star Katie Price and US singing sensation Britney Spears have all had similar problems with hair extensions causing further hair loss.

Extensions not a permanent solution to hair loss

Many women, when noticing thinning hair for the first time, ask their hairdressers to fit extensions to reduce the appearance of bald spots. Although this may be fine for a short time, the underlying hair loss condition may not improve without professional treatment.

Worse still, extensions and weaves have been known to increase the spread of bald patches. The way by which hair extensions are attached to existing hair places additional tension on the hair shaft and follicles. Over time, this extra stress can cause otherwise healthy hair to fall out. As hair follicles become deformed, normal hair growth eventually stops. In this way hair extensions actually contribute to further hair loss, making it even harder to disguise thinning hair. Hair loss experts call this condition Traction Alopecia and it is particularly difficult to treat because the deformation of the hair follicles cannot normally be remedied with medication.

Don’t disguise hair loss seek treatment instead

It is therefore essential that women concerned about thinning hair seek professional advice sooner rather than later, instead of trying to disguise bald patches with tightly-fixed hair extensions. The underlying condition may be completely treatable, without placing healthy hair at risk. In the meantime, there are safe and healthy hair styling tips available in our guide, Looking Good with Thinning Hair.

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