Is My Widow's Peak Now a Receding Hairline?'

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Question: Hey, i'm 15 years only and my parents say i have a widows peak but my friends keep making fun of my hairline and say it's receding and i'm not what sure to think, but i have a ton baby hairs in growing in the places where my friends say my hairline is receding. What are these baby hair going to do and is there some sort of medication or shampoo i can use to grow my hair longer and stronger?!

Sam Smith Sam Smith is a great example of a man with a widow's peak


Hi, Isaac. A widow's peak is not necessarily a sign of hair loss - it is simply a hairline shape whereby the hairline forms a point in the centre.

Examples of well-known men with a natural widow's peak hairline include David Beckham, Leonardo di Caprio and the singer Sam Smith (pictured).

In cases of male pattern hair loss the areas above the temples may recede. For those who have always had a widow's peak it can make the shape more pronounced as the receding causes a more severe V- or M-shaped hairline. For men who did not previously have a widow's peak, if they develop a receding hairline it may take on that shape if the hair thins at the temples rather than all the way across.

At 15 years of age, whilst premature balding is a possibility as this can occur any time following puberty, it is unlikely you are experiencing this type of hairloss to the extent that you have developed a truly receding hairline just yet. If you have seen any changes they are likely to be the result of your hairline maturing, which is a normal occurrence for males during puberty.

In terms of baby hairs, the hairline is the slowest area to grow hair; it may be that these are simply hairs growing as part of the normal on-going shedding and regrowth process of the hair growth cycle.

Many shampoo brands market themselves as 'thickening' but these are cosmetic products and one should be wary of their claims, as a consumer research study discovered. If you would like to take a proactive approach to having strong, healthy hair growth then ensure you have a balanced diet and lifestyle. If you feel like you may be lacking in some of the hair-friendly nutrients needed and want to top up your diet, taking a daily food supplement may be beneficial. As you are 15 you must check with your GP before taking any such supplements as many of these products are designed for men aged 18 and over.

If you are concerned that you may be losing your hair, the best advice is, firstly, to try not to worry about it - that can increase shedding - and simply keep an eye on how it progresses over the course of a few months. We would encourage you to discuss any worries with your parents, guardians and/or GP. Hair loss treatment is not available to under 16's but, again, this is only offered as an option where there is a diagnosed hair loss condition.

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