Is My Shampoo or Hair Dye Causing Hair Loss?

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Wash Your HairQuestion: My hair is falling after oiling, shampoo and conditioning. I use Pantene shampoo. My hair is coloured blonde. I try home remedies to stop it falling but it could not help. What should I do to prevent hair loss? Please help.

Answer: Hi, Ambreen. There are a number of things that can instigate or aggravate women's hair loss. It is unlikely that your shampoo and conditioner is causing the hair fall, but dyeing it blonde could have caused some damage.

If you are susceptible to female pattern hair loss, it is possible that the peroxide could have initiated genetic thinning. In which case, there are hair loss treatments that have been scientifically proven and licensed by medical regulatory bodies for the express purpose of stabilising and preventing this type of hair loss.

However, what's even more likely is that the dye has dried your hair out so much that it has become brittle and is breaking along the shaft, rather than falling from the root. This would be my immediate assumption, but I would encourage you to at least fill in an online diagnostic form, or come in to the centre for a diagnosis, so we can find out if there's more to it than that.

A number of medications, illnesses and medical problems can cause excessive hair fall and sometimes it's the hair loss that alerts you to that problem. The diagnosis may reveal that you don't even require any special treatment. There may be simple measures you can take to stop the hair fall. For instance, swapping to an alternate medication if a current one is the culprit, or if it's the hair dye that's simply causing breakage (as opposed to real hair loss), stop using the chemical and let your hair grow out.

In any case, there should be something that can be done about your hair loss. Please call the centre on 020 7730 6666, or send a message, to arrange an appointment or if you require further information.

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