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‘Is My Pseudopelade Hair Loss Linked to Stress or Low B12 Levels?’


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Name: Serena

Question: I am already one year that been diagnosed with Pseudopelade. Have you notices change in B12? Is anybody saw any difference if you increase Fe B12 Feritine? Is the Pseudopelade linked to stress? My doctor will say that not proven something like that. Hair will be fallen even without redness or itchiness ?

Answer: Hi, Serena. There is no proven link between low ferittin or B12 levels and Pseudopelade.

pseudopelade scarring alopecia

An Example of Pseudopelade

Pseudopelade is an autoimmune condition, whereas having low B12 levels may indicate Iron-Deficiency Anaemia – and ferittin is linked to your iron levels. Serum Ferritin levels of over 40 are generally required for healthy hair growth so you could investigate this with your doctor.

Pernicious anaemia is a very common condition which can cause itching and hair loss from all over the scalp, which appears as a general hair thinning, as well as the most common signs including tiredness, pale skin and heart palpitations. If you believe you may be affected by low iron levels it is best to consult with your GP to determine a professional diagnosis and how to manage your health condition. Should you turn out to be anaemic, the associated hair loss should regrow naturally within six months as this is not related to your pseudopelade and is caused by a temporary condition called Telogen Effluvium.

Whilst redness, itchiness or soreness may precede a patch appearing, the hair loss your condition causes can occur even if the area that develops into a patch does not itch. Many people claim to experience a tingling, itchy or burning scalp prior to other forms shedding, including male pattern baldness too so this symptom is not unique to pseudopelade.

In terms of stress affecting your hair loss, it may well be an aggravating factor – as it is for many hair loss conditions – but, this is not always the case and it is not definitely the cause of the shedding.

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