Is My Hair Thinning Caused by My Lichen Planopilaris Diagnosis?'

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Question: Hello, I was diagnosed will LPP 1 month ago but have been dealing with the symptoms for about 4 months. I've experienced dramatic hair shedding. I am wondering if this hair shed is a result of permanent damage to my follicle or if the scarring takes more time to develop. Also, my hair thinning has been diffused rather than patchy, is this normal? May I be experiencing telogen effluvium as well?

Worried About Thinning HairAnswer: Hi, Carlos. From what you say here, it sounds as if this is most likely a case of Telogen Effluvium (TE).

Whilst Lichen Planopilaris leads to patchy and permanent hair loss over time as it is a form of scarring alopecia, as you mention you are experiencing excessive hair fall and thinning hair this indicates it is more likely to be temporary shedding caused by TE. If the thinning was localised specifically to the top of your head we would consider a diagnosis of Male Pattern Baldness as well, however, if the shedding is diffusely affecting your whole scalp, this definitely leans more towards a TE diagnosis.

TE can be brought on by a number of factors either individually or combined, including stress and as a side effect of certain illnesses or prescription medications. It tends to present around three months after the initial trigger and will generally clear up of its own accord in around six months after becoming noticeable. Treatment for Telogen Effluvium can be effective in accelerating this regrowth process and, assuming the rest of your medical history means you are suitable, you should be able to use this despite your LPP diagnosis.

We would recommend you have a professional consultation to assess and confirm your hair loss condition. Once a specialist has a better idea of your exact needs and situation they can then tailor a bespoke, personalised treatment plan for you and explain the various options open to you.

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