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‘Is My Hair Loss on My Head – or In It?’


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Name: Abdirahman

Question: my hair has been lossing… But one question has always plagued me: is my problem on my head, or in my head? While I’ve suspected my hair has been thinning, I have weight loss and stress plz help

Answer: Hi Abdirahman. Although hair loss is a physical experience it can also have psychological effects, so the answer here could actually be ‘both’.

Psychological Effects of Hair LossTo help you address this, firstly we would need to complete a consultation with you in order to find the medical cause of your shedding. This would establish the condition responsible for your thinning hair, allowing a hair loss specialist to tailor an effective regrowth plan for you. This takes care of the purely physical aspects of losing your hair.

During the assessment, lifestyle issues and concerns, including diet and habits such as smoking, would also be discussed, as well as the impact your thinning has on your self-esteem. Many men – and women – with hair loss find it can have a negative effect on their confidence which can lead them to become anxious and stressed.

Stress has ramifications for almost all hair loss conditions and is able to trigger certain types of thinning – including Male Pattern Baldness -as well as making others worse. If the stress is not dealt with, this can turn into a vicious circle as increased stress can lead to poorer lifestyle choices, such as drinking more, sleeping less, etc – all of which can further exacerbate hair loss and prolong the cycle.

There are clinically-proven male hair loss treatments which can help you to halt thinning and promote regrowth if you have genetic hair loss, plus various other specialist treatment plans for other types of hair loss so this is one area you need not worry about. If you feel you would benefit from stress-management advice we recommend you visit your doctor, and maybe consider taking classes in relaxation techniques such as yoga.

As you mention you are experiencing weight loss, in addition to getting checked over by your doctor, we suggest you try to ensure you eat regular, balanced meals to maintain your intake of vitamins and minerals, and keep properly hydrated. This should have a positive effect on your overall health as well as your hair, which may also benefit from a specially-targeted supplement such as Hair Vitalics.

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