fbpx Is my hair loss due to working night shifts?
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Is my hair loss due to working night shifts?


moon Name: Soujanya

Question: I am having extensive hair fall abruptly! I don’t have health issues! I do night shifts, is this the reason I am going through this? Kindly help!

Answer: Night shifts are often considered more stressful for the body compared to day shifts. This may possibly lead to hair loss, but we need to take other factors into consideration such as the pattern of hair loss and genetic predisposition. I have yet to meet a client who is losing hair due to working night shifts. Moreover, our body adapts to the new working pattern so that after more or less six months, it is no longer stressful. Stabilisation follows once the stress is gone. If your hair loss continues, it may be due to female pattern hair loss, which requires treatment with minoxidil to prevent it from worsening. A hair loss specialist can diagnose you and recommend your ideal hair loss treatment course.


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