Is My Hair Loss Due to Lifestyle or Food Habits or Lack of Sleep?'

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Question: HI. I am only 19 and yet experiencing abnormal hair loss. My scalp is slightly visible. Is it because of my lifestyle or food habits? Also does lack of sleep result in abnormal hair loss?

Answer: Hi, Nobin. Hair loss in teenagers is not uncommon. We cannot diagnose the cause from the information you have provided here, however, we can give you some general pointers.

junk food fast food nutrition diet hair lossAt 19 years of age there can be a lot of life changes happening that can have negative effects on the body. These can range from the pressures of education, working, or finding a job, to staying out increasingly late at night and getting less sleep.

The typical teenager's diet is not always well balanced either, especially as many young people no longer learn to cook so often rely on fast or convenience foods, which tend to be less healthy options, potentially leaving them open to dietary imbalances, as you mention. Binge drinking or regularly exceeding the recommended alcohol intake, as well as smoking, are all common habits among teenagers.

All of these examples can individually, and certainly when combined, cause 'stress'. Although you may not find them 'stressful' as such, these activities and emotions place strain on the body and it is this stress that can cause thinning hair. The resulting condition is known as Telogen Effluvium and, although it is mostly found in women due to hormonal issues being a noted cause, it can also affect men.

This type of hair fall occurs all over the scalp and can appear to come on fairly swiftly. It tends to become noticeable within up to three months after it is triggered and can clear up of its own accord in many cases. It can take six months to right itself naturally, or a specialist treatment course can be used to accelerate this regrowth process.

Premature hair loss is another consideration as this can strike those with an underlying genetic predisposition towards Male Pattern Baldness any time following puberty. This causes hair thinning to the top of the head only and can often present in specific areas, such as around the hairline, crown or along the top of the scalp - an area known as the 'vertex'. If you have inherited the active 'balding gene' then this hairloss condition can be triggered - or the rate of existing shedding accelerated - by the above 'stress' causing activities.

If this is the case then a specialist can devise a hair loss treatment course, featuring clinically-proven components, tailored to your specific requirements, in order to help stabilise any shedding and promote hair growth. A nutritional supplement such as Hair Vitalics can also help to address any dietary concerns tied to your hair health, though these should not replace a balanced diet. This approach can be taken from the first signs of thinning as a form of hair loss prevention. The best thing to do in order to properly address your concerns is to have a consultation, either online or in person, so that a professional can diagnose what is causing your hair thinning and advise accordingly as to appropriate treatment options.

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