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‘Is My Double Crown a Sign of Male Pattern Hair Loss?’


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Name: Ryan

Question: I’ve read on many threads, including the one on this site that masturbation does not cause hairloss. However, despite there being no solid evidence of masturbation causing hair loss, don’t you think it’s even a remote possibility? I don’t understand how you can rule it out with a 100% certainty when masturbation DOES elevate DHT levels, and it’s this DHT that causes many forms of hairloss. On another note, I am 19 years old and have very thick long hair (for the time being).

I have 2 hair whorls, and when I rub my fingers through my scalp and around that area the hair feels very slightly thinner and less dense. Does this mean I’m thinning on the top, or is hair just naturally slightly less dense around those areas and whorls? Finally, I have a brother 9 years older than me. He has balding spots on his scalp (albeit only 1 hair whorl) and has male-pattern baldness. His hairline was similar to mine when he was my age, so is there a chance I’ll grow up and not have his balding hair pattern? Is it possible for me not to bald at ALL in my life despite having 2 balding grandfathers, a balding uncle on my moms side and a bald dad? Thank you so much for reading and addressing this lengthy question, I really appreciate it a lot and look forward to a consultation

Answer: Hi, Ryan. The information regarding the fact that masturbation does not cause hair loss is correct. There are many myths surrounding this but the cause of male hair loss is simply down to genetics.

Regarding your concerns about having thinning hair around your double crown whorls, without being able to see you we cannot give a truly accurate diagnosis. However we can tell you that a thinning crown is indeed a potential indicator and, as you have a brother that has a similar pattern of hair loss, this confirms a genetic predisposition to male pattern baldness in your family, making it more likely that you will also be affected.

Whilst this is not always the case – and one brother may be balding whilst the other is not due to hair loss skipping a generation – it is by far the most likely scenario as having male relatives with signs of male hair loss is a very strong genetic indicator that you will experience the same condition.

If you would like more personalised information or, as you mention, a consultation you are welcome to contact us to book a free hair loss consultation so that our advisors can talk you through your diagnosis and recommended hair loss treatment courses. Alternatively, if you are based outside London or the UK, please fill out this Online Consultation, which allows you to upload images, and a specialist will be in touch.

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