Is Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid Suitable for Coeliacs?'

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Question: I'm interested in minoxidil with azelaic acid but I'm a coeliac and read that azelaic acid comes from grains like wheat and barley. I know you don't swallow minoxidil or anything but I'm assuming it does get into your bloodstream so I'm confused as to whether minoxidil with azelaic acid is suitable for coeliacs or not, please can you advise?

Answer: Hi Phil. Despite the fact that it is indeed derived from grains including wheat, rye and barley which are obviously not suitable for coeliacs, azelaic acid itself is actually gluten-free so minoxidil with azelaic acid is suitable for coeliacs. That is assuming they have no other health complications that may affect their reaction to this particular hair loss treatment.

To find out if this is a good option for you, we would advise you get a professional, personal diagnosis from a hair loss specialist. They are highly experienced in dealing with clients with a range of dietary and lifestyle needs and can recommend a bespoke male hair loss treatment programme tailored specifically to your health and regrowth requirements.

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