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Is Masturbation Causing My Hair Loss?


Masturbation does not cause hair lossName: Ravi

Question: I have been masturbating three times a week for one year now and I’m starting to lose my hair. Is it happening due to masturbation?

Answer: I’m happy to inform you that masturbation does not cause hair loss. We’ve written an article about this before, explaining why people think it does cause hair loss as well as the proof as to how it does not. You’ll find it here – The Truth About Sex, Masturbation and Hair Loss.

Hair loss is very common in men. It affects up to 80% of men and while there are a lot of factors that can cause hair loss, masturbation is not one of them. We couldn’t say for certain without seeing you but there is a high probability that you’re experiencing the most common type of hair loss – male pattern baldness – and it is coincidence that it began after you started masturbating. A lot of men aren’t aware that hair loss can happen as early as puberty, or that it is becoming more common in younger men. But the truth is, hair loss can strike in anyone at any time.

To some people, hair loss is not a big deal. It is simply a natural physical progression and does not cause any other physical harm. However there are effective hair loss treatments available for those who are bothered by the prospect.

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