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Is Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing Using Hair Loss Treatment?

Heir to the McVitie’s fortune and reality TV star Jamie Laing is rumoured to be using hair loss treatment to help regrow his hairline.

Jamie Laing Tries the iGrow Hair Growth Booster Helmet on Made In Chelsea: New YorkFighting a receding hairline

Previously the Made In Chelsea star, who shows clear signs of hair loss, has talked candidly about his struggle with Male Pattern Baldness.  

He even tried out a $700 laser light therapy hair growth boosting helmet called the iGrow, on screen in the first series of Made In Chelsea: New York (pictured), after seeing the device advertised on TV.

Cast mate, Spencer joked about Jamie’s hair loss, saying “It’s not receding, he’s lost most of it… he’s destined to be bald“. But, despite this ribbing, it seems Jamie is still keen to fight his hair loss.

Using ‘hair drops’

According to website The Debrief, whose reporter spent a day with the Made In Chelsea cast, the 26-year-old star is reportedly taking ‘hair drops’ designed to help treat his receding hairline during the show’s ninth series.

What precisely these ‘hair drops’ are is yet to be revealed; however, we assume this is a reference to the popular hair loss treatment, liquid minoxidil.

Effective male hair loss treatments

Five Stars It Really Works Says Belgravia Centre Male Hair Loss Treatment Minoxidil Only Client

This Minoxidil-Only Male Hair Loss Client Started to See Positive Changes to his Hairline After 3 Months of Following his Belgravia Treatment Plan – Click the Image to View his Full Success Story

Minoxidil is one of only two medically-proven male hair loss treatments, the other being finasteride 1mg. These medications help to stabilise genetic hair loss, preventing further shedding, and stimulating regrowth.

This is done by inhibiting the formation of DHT, the hormone by-product which binds to the hair follicles causing Male Pattern Baldness in those with a hereditary predisposition to the condition (finasteride 1mg); and promoting blood flow to the scalp so that the optimum measures of nutrients needed for hair growth are delivered to the follicles (minoxidil).

Whilst finasteride 1mg takes the form of a daily, oral tablet, high strength minoxidil is a topical preparation that is applied directly to the scalp. It can come in liquid, foam or cream formulas. Whilst all versions are easy to apply, it is thought that foam formulas may not be as effective as the product can be absorbed by the hair rather than the scalp.

Belgravia’s extensive Hair Loss Success Stories gallery features over 1,000 photographic examples of clients who have seen significant regrowth through following combination treatment plans, using both finasteride and minoxidil to fight hair loss, as well as clients who have successfully taken the minoxidil-only approach.

We look forward to charting Jamie’s regrowth progress which, as minoxidil can take around 2-3 months for results to start to become visible, should be noticeable soon.

The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss ClinicThe Belgravia Centre

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