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Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beard Meant To Disguise Balding?


He is one of Hollywood’s highest paid, most in demand actors and an international heart-throb, yet Leonardo DiCaprio often seems to go out of his way to hide his million-dollar looks behind a beard.

According to a writer on the Daily Mail, there’ a reason for DiCaprio’s fuzzy chin: she claims that one of his security guards has revealed that the actor sports a full, bushy beard to draw the eye away from his head because he is – says the source – “going bald”.

Emphasising the hairline

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Showing Signs of RecedingWhilst recent pictures of DiCaprio show that his natural widow’s peak continues to morph into one of the classic signals of Male Pattern Baldness – a receding hairline – his hairstyle may well also be covering thinning on top.

However, if concealing hair loss is his goal, Leo’s not exactly helping things by slicking his hair back flat against his head. This is arguably one of the worst hair styles for men who are receding as it emphasises the exact contours of the hairline.

In DiCaprio’s case, although he is definitely showing signs of male hair loss (not helped by his man bun), the Wolf of Wall Street star is losing his hair at a fairly languid pace, given the fairly slow deterioration of his hairline – as illustrated below. Whilst it is true that Male Pattern Baldness is a progressive condition that will worsen over time if left untreated, each person’s physiology and lifestyle will dictate their rate of thinning, meaning some men will lose their hair quicker than others.

Hair loss myths

The Changing Hairline of Actor Leonardo DiCaprioThe idea that growing a big beard is a winning way to draw the eye away from hair loss on the head is one that has been around forever – though we have yet to come across a single bearded client who says that their beard is intended to do just that. It’s one of the many myths that surround hair loss and, if anything, a large beard on a bald head seems to emphasise the baldness.

Naturally, however, men feel a strong attraction to their hair, so – whilst a Tim Howard-style bald-and-bearded combo may be a good look for some – if it’s not growing ‘up top’ then a reassuring solution for some men is to let it grow at the sides.

Fortunately, for the majority of men suffering from MPB their condition is treatable. There are two male hair loss treatments licensed by the MHRA and FDA for Male Pattern Baldness. A twice-daily application of high strength minoxidil directly to receding areas has produced significant regrowth results for men with a receding hairline – the most stubborn area of the scalp to treat and generally the slowest to regrow.

Belgravia’s extensive Hair Loss Success Stories gallery showcases over a thousand case studies that ably demonstrate the levels of regrowth success that clients are achieving whilst following comprehensive treatment plans.

Hair loss specialists are a goldmine of information about hair loss and can talk you through both myths and facts, in addition to diagnosing and recommending bespoke treatment and hair growth booster combinations. Unsurprisingly, growing a beard to divert people’s attention is never a part of the plan!

Beards and hair loss

Belgravia MinoxidilBeards are, however, sometimes the topic of conversation, especially when people talk about hair transplants.

Increasingly popular is something called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a hair restoration technique in which a small round punch is used to extract units of hair follicles from areas of dense hair and implant them where needed. Why, ask some patients, can’t the donor hair be taken from a beard?

The answer, in fact, is that this is indeed possible – though it is a technology still in its infancy. Some surgeons in the US have used FUE hair transplants using beard hair as the donor, and while innovative, there is no getting around the fact that beard hair is usually very different in texture to head hair. The results of a beard-to-head FUE transplant are likely to reflect this, so Leo might want to take note if he’s growing his beard with this in mind!

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