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“Is Leaving Hair Gel in Overnight Making My Hair Thin?”


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Name: Graeme

"Is Leaving Hair Gel in Overnight Making My Hair Thin?" - You Ask, Our Experts Answer

Question: There is no family history of baldness within my family. I have noticed recently my hair has been thinning which has concerned me. I believed it to be for the following reasons. My daily routine has been as follows since I was 18, I’m now 28: Wash my hair in the morning with basic shampoo never with conditioner. Dry my hair intently with higher level heat dryer. Use of two types of gels. Leave that in overnight and then start the routine again. I have read that leaving the gel in overnight is a big no-no. You guys have good reviews online but without the family history of hair loss I’m not sure what to do. I believe my hair loss is at a relatively early stage compared to some pics I’ve seen. A response is appreciated.

Answer: Hi Graeme. Using hair gel will not cause hair losswhether you leave it in overnight or not.  Similar routines are carried out by huge numbers of men every day so it is extremely unlikely to have caused or contributed to the thinning you are seeing.

Blow-drying on a high setting may result in dry and brittle hair which can lead to breakage, which is classed as styling damage rather than actual hair loss. Using a heat protecting serum may help to prevent this, or try using your hair dryer on a lower setting. Hairdressers often advise that, when it comes to blow-drying, the thinner the hair, the lower the heat setting should be. Ask your hairdresser for advice on this next time you visit so see what setting they recommend for your hair type.

Male Hair Loss patient Successfully Treated by The Belgravia Centre

This Male Pattern Hair Loss patient was successfully treated for his thinning hair and said of his Belgravia experience, “Like most other men, I was sceptical that hair loss could be reversed but it absolutely can… Hair loss no longer concerns me which is obviously great for my confidence”

Even though you mention there is no history of baldness in your family, from the symptoms you describe, your hair loss is most likely due to the early stages of Male Pattern Hair Loss, especially if the thinning is confined to the top of your head, your crown and/or around your hairline. A lack of balding male relations does not mean that there is no history of genetic hair loss in the family. This is an extremely common hair loss condition and there are a number of effective treatments and bespoke formulations available to help combat this kind of hair loss as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

You mention your hair loss could be at an early stage compared to pictures you have seen. Have a look at our extensive Photographic Hair Loss Success Stories collection, filled with over 1,000 patients’ ‘Before and After’ images. This may help to give you a better idea as to the kind of regrowth it is possible to achieve by following a treatment programme tailored to your hair loss condition, and the time it has taken other patients to achieve these results.

The best thing to do would be to have a reputable hair loss specialist appraise your condition so they can diagnose your exact hair loss type and then advise you on the most effective treatment options available. Our hair loss specialists would be very happy to see you for a free consultation, or, if you are unable to visit one of our London clinics, you can complete our Online Diagnostic Form.

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