Is Lady Gaga’s Hair Loss Getting Worse?

Lady Gaga’s use of hair extensions

to radically alter her appearance is well documented. However recent photographs released by the star on her Instagram account suggest that these extensions and weaves may be having a serious impact on her hairline.

Lady Gaga Displays Receding Hairline on InstagramIn the picture, 28 year old Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta) appears to be showing the signs of a receding hairline. In the past Gaga has shown signs of hair loss at the sides of her head, suggesting the onset of Traction Alopecia brought about by wearing hair extensions too often. But could her receding hairline be an indicator of another condition?

Pattern baldness not just a “male” condition

Pattern baldness is often mistakenly believed to be a male-only condition, not least because it is commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. The reality is that women are also susceptible to this genetic hair loss condition which is also known as female pattern hair loss, and Androgenic Alopecia.

Androgenic Alopecia is most commonly found in men, but it is also the leading cause of hair loss in women and, whilst it is rare for women to experience a receding hairline, it is possible.

Could extensions be at fault again?

Whether Gaga’s receding hairline is caused by Androgenic Alopecia or not, the correct solution to her dilemma does not involve the continued use of hair extensions. The popstar's hair will already have been weakened by constant styling damage thanks to her avant garde style, both on and off-stage, which includes wearing a number of heavy hairpieces and wigs - often having a number of hair changes per show, in concert. Additionally, Lady Gaga admits to having the odd 'chemical hair cut' where her hair breaks from constant bleaching. Placing additional tension on the hair follicles by wearing extensions and hairpieces may accelerate hair loss.

Instead of trying to disguise her apparent hair loss, Lady Gaga needs to seek professional assistance as soon as possible. By doing so she will obtain a proper diagnosis of her hair loss condition and be able to begin a customised treatment plan tailored to her specific condition and personal needs. She will also need to stop wearing hair extensions to give her scalp a chance to recover.

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