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Is Jessie J Dyeing Her Way To Thinner Hair?


jessie j blue hair thin hairShe won the admiration of thousands when she shaved her head for Comic Relief back in March, and since that time popstar Jessie J has been experimenting a lot with different hair colours. From black to bleach blonde and from purple to her current bright blue, the singer is clearly having a great deal of fun trying out different shades.

After announcing that she wouldn’t be returning to talent show The Voice due to a desire to focus on her singing career, Jessie is undoubtedly having a blast coming up with new looks, but what effect is this all having on her hair? The good news is that dyeing hair will not damage the root, so even if your hair is bleached to within an inch of its life, new regrowth shouldn’t be affected.

The Price Tag of Dyeing It

If you’re rocking a super short style like Jessie, you probably don’t need to worry about bleach leaving your hair looking thinner. However, if you have longer locks, you might want to be a bit more careful, as once a hair is damaged by dye it can become brittle and easy to break, and this damage cannot be undone.

Jessie’s hair is looking rather thin, particularly at the corner of her forehead. However, being as the star accompanied her snap on Twitter with the caption: “Blue hair don’t care… Just for today? Lol’,” it would appear that the Price Tag singer has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

So, is it possible that something else is going on with Jessie’s hair? Hair loss in women can occur due to a variety of reasons. Telogen effluvium, which appears as short term diffuse hair loss can occur on account of stress, a lack of nutrients in the diet, and illness, all of which a busy starlet could easily experience.

Dye it Like a Dude

If Jessie is losing hair due to telogen effluvium, she shouldn’t worry: it should all grow back in the upcoming months. However, if this doesn’t happen, or if she’s experiencing hair loss due to a genetic predisposition in the form of female pattern hair loss, Jessie might need a hair loss treatment to prevent her from losing more hair.

The only medication that has been licensed or approved by the UK and US medical regulatory bodies, the MHRA and the FDA respectively, is minoxidil. This topical treatment can be applied directly to the thinning area in the form of a liquid or a high strength minoxidil cream, and significant regrowth can recur in just a few months.

So, should Jessie be worried that it’s not just the dye that’s causing her hair to look thin, a trip to a hair loss specialist may be in order.Once the cause of the loss has been settled, the above medication and a variety of hair growth boosters could address any treatable hair loss. Boosters such as the nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics can also ensure the busy star doesn’t let her crazy touring schedule effect her hair.

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