Is It True Nothing Can Be Done About Male Pattern Baldness?'

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Name: Ade

Question: When I first noticed my hair loss I decided to just accept it since nothing can be done about because it's natural to some people, am I right in saying that? Moreso, am almost bald now, can you still help me regain my hair? Just to add, I am African and I live in the UK.

Answer: Hi, Ade. You are right in saying that hair loss is natural, but not that nothing can be done about it.

We are assuming, for the purpose of answering your question, that you are talking about male pattern baldness - the common hereditary condition which can cause thinning hair and a receding hairline in men with a genetic predisposition. You would, of course, need a professional diagnosis in order to confirm this before seeking any treatment.

Male pattern hair loss is indeed a naturally occurring condition and one which can present any time following puberty in those who have the active 'balding genes'. It is a permanent hair loss condition which gets progressively worse over time but only affects the top of the scalp and hairline.

There are two MHRA licensed and FDA-approved treatments for men - finasteride 1mg and minoxidil. These drugs can help to stabilise hair fall, promote hair growth and prevent baldness, as long as the hair follicles are still active when treatment is started.

The one-a-day oral tablet finasteride 1mg inhibits the production of the hormone responsible for causing follicular miniaturisation in cases of genetic hair loss - DHT - and topical applications of the vasodilator high strength minoxidil can help to promote hair growth. This comes in a number of different formulations.

If the scalp has taken on the smooth, shiny appearance associated with baldness, this is indicative of non-functioning follicles. In these instances hair loss treatment is futile as it will not regrow hair due to there being no follicles capable of producing hair, left to stimulate. Where this is the case, depending on how much good quality donor hair there is, a hair transplant may be a viable option.

If it is simply that there is thinning hair or a receding hairline where the hairs are fine but still present, a treatment course based around one or both of the clinically-proven medications is certainly worth considering. These medications can also be used alongside complementary non-medicinal hair growth supporting products.

These supplementary options can include home-use LLT devices such as the LaserComb and LaserBands, and the premium hair growth supplements, such as Hair Vitalics for Men - which includes biotin, selenium and zinc for the maintenance of normal healthy hair growth - are all suitable for use on all hair types, including Afro hair.

If you would like to receive a confirmed diagnosis and personalised treatment advice, we recommend having a professional consultation with a hair loss specialist.

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