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“Is It Too Late Too Start Treating Hair Loss?”


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Name: Anonymous

Question: Age 32. Female. I have noticed generalised thinning of hair about 10 years ago. It started on both sides of scalp, now my crown is noticeably thinner and my part is rather wide! But because I had such thick hair (I am of Korean descent) it wasn’t that noticeable until the last 3-5 years. I have read that if you have generalised diffuse thinning for a long time, that it’s unlikely that it can be reversed. Is that so? I’m panicking and I have an appointment for Monday at The Belgravia Centre but is there such thing as “too late to start?”

Womens-hair-loss-consultation-belgravia-centre-hairloss-treatment-regrowthAnswer: Hi there. It is not too late for you to start treating your hair loss so there is no need to panic. In fact, most people lose 50% of their hair density before they realise there’s something wrong.

Diffuse thinning is usually associated with health or medical conditions. Most of the time, if the cause is determined and addressed the hair loss is reversible. However, the fact that your hair loss has been going on for quite some time, suggests that perhaps your original condition (diffuse thinning) triggered a genetic form of hair loss. We will be able to determine whether this is the case during your initial consultation. While female pattern hair loss is not curable, it is manageable and even reversible.

Female pattern hair loss usually develops after menopause, but it is not uncommon in women in the early 20s, particularly if diffuse thinning or telogen effluvium triggered the problem. Your hair loss specialist will be able to advise whether your condition is reversible, recommend a personalised treatment course, and let you know what results you are likely to achieve.

There are hair loss treatments that have been clinically-proven to stabilise shedding and promote regrowth in women with hair loss. The Belgravia Centre provides only the best products and personalised support to help you at what can certainly be an upsetting time.

To put your mind at ease until your appointment, you might like to browse through our hair loss success stories and see the kinds of results that other clients have achieved through following customised Belgravia treatment programmes. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

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