fbpx Q&A: Is it Possible to Treat Permanent Hair Loss Without Drugs?
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Q&A: Is it Possible to Treat Permanent Hair Loss Without Drugs?


Name: Anon

Question: My Mother had radiotherapy treatment last year on a brain tumour. She responded well to the treatment but unfortunately she has ‘permanently’ lost a portion of her hair. Is it possible to provide a solution to her hair loss that does not involve the use of any drugs?

There Are Good Hair Replacement Services Available for Permanent Hair LossAnswer: The Belgravia Centre works mainly with proven hair loss treatments – these are prescriptive medications. However these cannot resolve permanent hair loss caused by radiotherapy in any case. Hair Replacement is the best option if your mother’s hair is not enough to cover the bald patch.

We offer a Hair Replacement service and would be happy to see your mother for a free consultation to discuss this whether this option is suitable for her. To book an appointment, please contact The Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or message the centre.

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