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Is it More Than Just a Bad Hair Day?


Most women lose 50% of their volume before they realise it's more than just a bad hair dayFeeling a bit flat and lackluster? Bad hair days happen to the best of us but before you work another pump of volumising mouse into your tresses, ask yourself these questions: ‘Was my hair always like this?’ ‘Is that even more hair I see in my brush?’ ‘Is my part getting wider?’ If these questions arouse a degree of concern, just remember that thinning hair is a common grievance amongst women and sometimes hair will even re-grow spontaneously. However, if you’ve needed to twist an extra loop in your hair tie for a few months now, you may need the help of a hair loss specialist.

Hair at the bottom of the shower or some in the comb isn’t usually such a big deal. Everyone sheds hair daily but serious hair loss affects about 40% of women – so what’s the difference? Well, we don’t continue to grow the same strands of hair year after year. Hair growth is a cycle, so roughly 90% of hair is growing at any one time and about 10% of the hair is in the resting phase. The growth phase lasts between two and six years and the resting phase about two to three months. At the end of the resting phase the hair is shed, which is why it’s common for everyone to shed up to 100 hairs a day. But a new hair from the same follicle replaces it and the growing cycle starts again.

Most of the time women will lose up to 50% of their hair volume before they realise it’s more than just a bad hair day. Take the hair loss test to see if thinning hair is a problem for you. Generally though, if you’re honest with yourself, you should be able to see your centre part widening and find there’s less there when you run your fingers through your hair. However, women’s hair loss is largely manageable, and be aware that unlike men, you’re not destined for baldness.

As we age, it’s not unusual for women to find it harder to grow their hair. On average, scalp hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month but it slows down with age. Sometimes younger women may find it difficult to grow hair past a certain length if they tie their hair up tightly every day. It’s easy if you’re having a bad hair day to scoop it all up into a no-mess tight ponytail or bun, but the constant friction may be causing the hair to consistently break at a certain point. The tight pulling could also be putting undue stress on the hair follicles, resulting in thinning hair or traction alopecia.

There are many other common causes of hair loss in women but most cases have a solution. If you’re concerned about the state of your hair, feel free to fill in Belgravia’s online diagnostic form to receive a professional diagnosis and recommendation based on your individual circumstance. You can also gain access to a mail-order hair loss treatment course from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, contact us for more information or call 020 7730 6666 to book a free consultation with the UK’s leading hair loss specialists.

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