Is it Male Pattern Hair Loss Without a Bald Spot at the Crown?'

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Name: Scott

Question: I've been losing hair around my hairline I think it might be MPB but is it still have MPB if you don't have a bald spot at the back? My crown is fine, it's just my hairline that's receding.

Answer: Hi, Scott. Yes, it is absolutely possible for Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) to present in this way.

If you have a receding hairline but not a thinning crown, it may be the case that your crown and vertex - the top of the scalp - are taking longer to show the effects of follicular miniaturisation.

Male Pattern Hair Loss is a permanent, progressive genetic condition whereby follicles located across the entire vertex - from hairline and temples to crown - are gradually ravaged by the effects of the hormone DHT, the shedding in these affected areas may not all happen simultaneously.

It is quite normal to develop frontal hairloss without having a thinning crown as well - or vice versa - as well as an overall drop in the volume of your hair. Furthermore, it is likely that, without intervention, over time you may also develop thinning hair on top.

Eventually this can lead to baldness if nature is left to take its course, though the rate at which this happens varies from person to person and there are many factors, both genetic and lifestyle-related, which can influence this. Continues below...

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There are clinically-proven hair loss solutions for Male Pattern Baldness, with two MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved medications available. One is topical high strength minoxidil - this can be particularly useful when treating a receding hairline. This is because the other option, a one-a-day tablet - finasteride 1mg - has been shown to inhibit the formation of DHT but its' effects on regrowing hair on the hairline specifically have not been formally established.

Generally male hair loss treatment courses are built around a core of one or both of these authorised medications in the appropriate formulations for each individual's needs and suitability. Additional hair growth supporting products can be used too, including FDA-cleared home-use low level laser therapy devices to promote hair regrowth and assist in preventing hair loss, and highly-targeted food supplements such as Hair Vitalics for Men.

Another potential reason you may have a receding hairline without any other signs of hair loss concerns your choice of hairstyle.

Whilst often primarily thought of as something that only affects women, there are various men's hairstyles that can also cause hair loss if worn regularly. These are any tight styles that place undue stress and tension on the hair follicles, such as braids, cornrows, man buns and plaited dreadlocks.

These, when worn frequently, can stress and weaken the hair follicles around the source of the tension and particularly around the hairline and temples, resulting in hair loss from a condition known as Traction Alopecia.

If the hair loss is not so extreme that the skin has taken on a smooth, shiny bald look, Traction Alopecia treatment can be possible.

A consultation with a dedicated hair loss specialist may be best to help you determine the precise cause of your receding, and to give you tailored suggestions for treatments if required.

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