Is Hair Loss After A Car Crash Normal and Will Hair Grow Back?'

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Name: Lisa

Question:  I was in a bad wreck 4 months ago and hit my head several times. The hospital told me that my scalp separated from the skull in places and I had huge knots come up all over my head ever since the wreck my hair has been coming out by the hand full is this normal and will it thicken back up?

Answer: Hi Lisa, we're sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are healing well. We would need more information and ideally the opportunity to examine your scalp before we could provide a confirmed diagnosis. However, hair loss in the form of thinning hair from all over the scalp, is normal following a car crash - or any other traumatic event - especially when it occurs around three to four months after the incident.

This type of hair fall is known as Telogen Effluvium and you'll be pleased to hear it is a temporary hair loss condition. It can be shocking to see up to 50 per cent of hairs which would otherwise have been actively growing, suddenly fall out, but it is just due to the stress of the trigger - in your case the wreck, which we are assuming was a car crash. Continues below...

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The reason for the delayed shedding is due to the natural timeline of the hair growth cycle. In cases of Telogen Effluvium, a blip in this function disrupts the normal order, prematurely pushing actively growing hairs into the resting phase which then shed a few months later before regular hair growth is resumed.

Assuming there is no other on-going physical or mental trauma which could cause the condition to become chronic, Telogen Effluvium normally lasts up to six months. If you are taking any medication, including certain painkillers, hairloss may also be caused as a side-effect but, again, this should rectify itself within six months too.

If you would like to look into accelerating the hair regrowth process, Telogen Effluvium treatment is available and involves the use of a topical medication. At Belgravia this is often paired with non-pharmaceutical supplementary booster products including the highly-targeted food supplement, Hair Vitalics for Women. This contains a blend of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts, including selenium, zinc and biotin known to support healthy hair growth.

There is a possibility that you are experiencing Alopecia Areata - an autoimmune disorder which can be brought on by severe shock - that causes rounded bald patches anywhere on the scalp. Though people going through this usually mention bald spots or patches, rather than just intense hair fall.

Should you decide to look into the possibility of hair loss treatment, we would certainly advise you to work with your doctor and a professional hair loss specialist rather than going it alone with over-the-counter products. This is because there may be underlying issues and sensitivities that mean you should avoid certain hair loss products or treatment formulations, depending on the extent of your injuries and medical profile. Perhaps start with getting a personalised consultation where a diagnosis and treatment advice can be provided, before making any decisions as to how to proceed.

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