Is Hair Loss Affecting Your Lifestyle?

What would you do if you won £1m on the lottery? Some people might say they’d retire early and travel around the world, five-star all the way. Others might say they’d pay off their house but continue to work. But what if you started losing your hair? There could be equal extremes of responses but surely your lifestyle wouldn’t change that dramatically or would it?

Bald Man in BedMore than half of all women with thinning hair are changing their lifestyle to ward off hair loss and while it’s more socially acceptable for men to lose their hair, their lifestyles aren’t untouched either. Research shows that almost a quarter of hair loss sufferers lack confidence in social situations and many believe it could have damaging implications for their personal and professional relationships.

There is a lot of information about the emotional effects of hair loss in women, perhaps though because they’re also more likely to talk about it. But as male hair loss affects up to 80% of the population, they are more or less expected to 'deal with it' and it can be harder for them to talk to anyone about it if it is indeed bothering them. Women turn to their hairdressers for advice in such times and subsequently end up washing their hair less or using a multitude of hair thickening products and changing their hairstyles to make the hair appear thicker. Men on the other hand shave it all off or wear hats to hide the fact that they’re balding and some won’t attend social functions if hats aren’t allowed to be worn at the venue.

However, rather than adjusting a lifestyle to cover up the problem there are real solutions to hair loss that can allow a person to continue enjoying their life just as it is. In fact, there are hundreds of options available (if you were to include head-shaving and pouring egg yolk on your scalp), but there are only a couple of medically approved options that are clinically proven to stabilise and reverse the effects of hair loss. There are also surgical options but not everyone will be suitable for a hair transplant and other hair loss treatments are best tested first. It is essential to consult a hair loss professional to find out what’s the best option for you so you have a greater chance of achieving the results you want with the least disruption to your lifestyle.

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